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‘Just Be Yourself!’
How Race Gets in the Way of Expressing Our Authentic Identities

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Carmen Van KerckhoveAbout a year ago, I attended a marketing seminar. The woman who ran the seminar couldn’t have been more different from me. She was a real “girly-girl,” all pink, sparkles, big blonde hair.

I was apprehensive at first, but by the end of the event she had completely won me over. Why? Because I could tell she was totally comfortable in her skin. This was really who she was, and she was unabashed about it.

The ability to just be yourself is a lot harder to come by than we might think. And one of the biggest obstacles can be race. Specifically, racial stereotypes.

I’m not particularly meek, yet at almost every job I’ve held, people have thought of me as a shy and quiet Asian girl. Because of that, I’ve always had to project an exaggerated version of my personality, just to be perceived as normal.

What kinds of racial stereotypes do you find yourself battling on a daily basis? What elements of your authentic self are you suppressing? How is race getting in the way of your self-expression without you even knowing it?

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